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Now you can find the best doctors in Kolkata and Howrah and book online doctor appointments without any hassle.

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India has a population to doctor ratio of 921:1 [source: Times of India] which means there are only 1 doctor for every 921 people. Though it is ahead of 1000:1 prescribed ratio by WHO but if only allopathy doctors alone are considered, the ratio drops to 1596:1. On top of the fact that in India most of the urban and rural areas are deprived of healthcare facilities by the worst numbers at 11082:1. Which means in the deprived areas the number of allopathic doctors drops more than 10 times than the WHO recommendation [source: Financial Express].

In such a scenario, finding a doctor in difficult times of need or emergency is a task of a severe headache. Even other than the times of emergency a regular check-up or consultation with a doctor with specialization can get practically troublesome due to lack of information or organization.

To cut the trouble of the healthcare process, Prolifetech has come up with a simple solution of binding the system with the exchange of information through technology with online doctor appointment booking service, so that you can relax and find best doctors near you without any hassle.

Technological advances have us encompassed in each and every activity of our day by day lives. The climate we utilize them purposely or disdain them, we can’t deny them. At that point for what reason don’t we mix it with our most significant yet ordinary needs? Like Healthcare? Indeed, before we could request it, numerous organizations are as of now during the time spent making our lives smoother by associating human services with our everyday practice through innovation or all the more particularly data innovation.

Presently one can get all the data with respect to a particular specialist, type, area, timing or even their expenses on this or her fingertips. Prolifetech has given us a considerable amount of alternatives to look over. Taking an educated choice influences our lives so free of pressure, who to can differ on that?

 So, how does Prolifetech help us?

This relatively new startup called Prolifetech is predictably a close competition to the major market players in the healthcare segment. Starting from Kolkata and Howrah, they are offering online doctor appointment booking services where you can find best doctors in Kolkata and Howrah, get all their information, timing, qualification, fees and can easily book an appointment through their website or app.

With Prolifetech you can find the best doctors in Kolkata, book online appointments with doctors from any specialization like ENT, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Gynaecology, or Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani etc.

Expanding ahead with the service range Prolifetech aims to reach the entire population striving for healthcare services through technology. Along with online doctor appointment booking, they are also a 24×7 ambulance service provider in Kolkata and Howrah. You can book Online Doctor Appointments by clicking here or get an ambulance from here.

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