Things to Keep in Mind in the Moment of Medical Emergency

Medical emergency ,Emergencies much as they come utterly unexpected can wreak havoc on somebody’s life. Knowing how to act right during such times can actually save a life. Whether it is seizures, fainting, bleeding, choking, chest pain or accidents, emergencies can occur anywhere- on the street, at the grocery, at a game or even at home. What should one do then?


  1. Act calm

    If you are not able to keep your inner composure intact, it is better not to lend a helping hand. Panicking would only escalate the distress of the person already in jeopardy.
  2. Start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)This is a procedure where a person has to press up and down the chest of the casualty (chest compressions) to give them a succession of rescue breathes for restoring the spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in case of a cardiac arrest
  3. Check alertness and breath

    Before the person can be reached to the hospital; ask if he or she is feeling okay. If they respond, question if they know the place they are in. This is done to determine their level of orientation but if they are unresponsive, immediately monitor their pulse to know if they are breathing. Listen for their breathing pace through nose, simultaneously watching the chest for rise and fall. Also if a person is unable to breathe, place their head with the chin up getting their tongue out of the way so as to open the airway. Then you can start compressing the chest of the victim.
  4. Try making the person comfortableMove the person to a shady place if they have been out in the heat. Pour water over the skin if they are sweating profusely and offer them fluids to drink. In case of seizures, refrain from putting something in the mouth of the person. Besides, avoid getting near to them lest they might unknowingly hurt you.
  5. Keep few medicines handyA combination of drugs like aspirin/ Ecospirin (300mg), clopitab (75 mg), atorva (40 mg) and sorbitrate (5mg but depending on the case)prevent the formation of clots that otherwise might have deprived the heart of oxygen by clogging the arteries. These medicines are life-saving and can be taken immediately for shortness of breath or chest discomfort, signifying a heart attack.
  6. Gather information on the victim

    For accidents, one must first ensure if the scene is safe prior to going near the victim. Ask the victim, if he or she is conscious, about details like blood group or other health conditions like hypertension or allergies or call up their family or friend seeking immediate help in case the victim is unaccompanied. The details would be of immense help to inform the medical professionals on board.
  7. Keep emergency numbers handy

    Phone number of your family physician, number of nearby ambulances you must keep close.
    Dial emergency ambulance number 033 2345 0280  in Kolkata to summon an ambulance to avoid situations from aggravating and spiralling out of control. Prolifetech emergency number is to help you with any kind of medical emergency. Not every treatment can be administered at home.

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