Stay Cool In Summer | Useful Things To Stay Cool In The Summer

Keep Calm and Stay Cool in Summer

Scorching Sun soaking up all your energy? Here are some useful things you can do to stay cool in the sweaty summer of Kolkata.

Long gone those days of cheerful winter, summer is already overhead, ready to burn us all. It’s mid-April only and mercury already started pushing its limits. It is important to stay cool in summer .If staying inside is not your option then scroll down to know how to stay cool in the summer?


  1. Sweat is annoying, but important to stay cool in the summer.

Unlike most of the India, summer in Kolkata is much more humid and therefore much more sweaty and annoying. But trust me. Sweat is one of the most important tool our body uses to cool itself off.

  1. Cotton makes the best summer clothes.

You might want to be inside your latest collection of happening outfits, but bright coloured well ventilated cotton clothing is your best bet out there. Unlike most of the Indian summer, Kolkata is much more humid. Humid means sweat. So cotton + ventilation = dispersed body heat = stay cool in summer.

  1. Water is life. Admit it or not.

Our body is made of more than 70% of water molecules. Though it sounds a lot, summer and sweat sucks enough to dry you out. It is important to keep yourself hydrated.

  1. Water means water. Not soda.

Amazing machine our body is. It has a solution to almost every situation. Under such temperature, our body downsizes on self-heat generation by regulating metabolism. Drinking sweetened, caffeine concentrated soda kicks up your metabolism. You may feel a bit cool and energized, but that increases your risk of sun-stroke.

  1. Coconut water or Sports drinks are good options too.

Sports drinks are made to rehydrate your body. It contains many necessary minerals and salts that are lost in the battle of summer and sweat. Same with coconut water. It contains a healthy amount of potassium which helps to reduce blood pressure.

  1. Be Careful about what you eat.

When the temperature gets higher than usual, dispersing the heat becomes one of the most important jobs of the blood inside our veins. And digesting highly spiced, complicated foods takes up a lot of effort by our digestive system; which requires (you guessed it) more blood flows. So when you eat any hard to digest food in over the top summer either cooling down process or digestion gets disrupted.

  1. Street foods, a big no-no.

Summer time activates the nastiest germs out there. So no street foods means less chances of contamination, better chances of survival.

  1. Sunscreen lotion is a saviour.

Summer means sun. Sun means tan. Tan means damaged skin cells. Good sunscreen lotion is your saviour out there. Apply plenty of it on your skin parts, which are not covered by your clothes or exposed directly to sunlight.

  1. Avoid mid-day heat.

We know that we started with “staying inside is not an option” but still, mid-day heat is probably the most strenuous task you never want to face.

  1. Avoid quick in-out of A.C. Rooms.

Quick shifts from hot to cool or cool to hot disrupt our body’s normal heat management system through blood flow. Instead spend a few minutes under shade (or fan) before entering air conditioned rooms from outside or vice-verse.

  1. Recognize Sunstroke or Heat Stroke at the earliest.

Heat Stroke can do severe damage to our brain or internal organs or even kill us. Recognizing it and taking necessary steps are the only way to survive. Recognize heat stroke by sudden headaches, dizziness and light-headedness, lack of sweating, red and dry skin, muscle cramps, nausea, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, behavioural changes like disorientation or staggering, seizures, unconsciousness etc. Once recognize the pattern, try cooling off your body by getting under a shade, providing enough ventilation to your body and applying water on your neck. Then get help as quickly as possible.

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