How to Prevent Dengue?

Since there is no vaccine for preventing dengue fever, hence the best way is to protect oneself form mosquito bites as well as reducing their population.

  • Avoiding Dengue populated areas

One of the best measure is to avoid the areas affected with Dengue. Dengue spreads from the affected persons with mosquitos as a carrier. Still we can understand some times we have no option but to go to the affected areas for work or as we reside there. In that case follow the bellow mentioned preventive measures.

  • Using mosquito repellent both indoors as well as outdoors

Apart from using mosquito net, this is one of the best method to keep mosquitos at bay. Don’t apply repellent creams to children bellow age of 2 years.

  • Using mosquito nets wherever possible

Use mosquito nets while sleeping. No need to explain the utility of a net to keep mosquitos away. It is very helpful for children to study inside a net and keep older people also inside to keep them safe.

  • Wear protective clothing

Wearing full pants and full-sleeved shirts will help to keep your body covered and reduce attracting mosquitos.

  • Using air conditioning rather than opening windows

It is all about not allowing mosquitos to enter room and bite. When Dengue starts spreading in an area, it is always best to avoid contact with mosquitos. Using air conditioner helps to keep circulating the air but prevents mosquitos to enter the room.


  • Reduce mosquito population:

    Reducing the population of mosquitoes by getting rid of their breeding grounds which include any place where still water gets collected, such as flower pots, pet dishes, empty vessels. These areas should be monitored, changed or emptied periodically.

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