24x7 ambulance service

24×7 ambulance service |emergency ambulance service in Kolkata

Most of us live our daily lives with a consideration that we will continue with our luck to escape from medical emergencies. But emergencies, as they happen, they don’t call for prior warnings or indications. That’s why they are called medical emergencies.

And for medical emergencies, however, we fool ourselves of our preparations, we are actually never ready. That’s why, at Prolifetech, we brought 24×7 ambulance service in Kolkata and Howrah through a simple app and website, so that you can get one anytime, anywhere.

We are a Tech-Based healthcare services aggregator, where we utilize innovation to interface every one of the spots between the general population and specialist co-ops making a chain of data hand-off and benefit. We offer our range of services through a website, and an android application through which you can get all our services beginning from 24×7 Ambulance Service in Kolkata or Howrah, in any situation. We are additionally the primary aggregators, with train and air ambulances services in Kolkata and Howrah with bed-to-bed service or any other emergency ambulance services.

It’s fairly simple to book required services from the website or app. All you have to do is to create a free account, fill in all your details and you are good to go. From there you can book any type of Ambulance services or Doctor Appointments from anywhere in Kolkata and Howrah. Starting with these two services, we are focused and quickly expanding towards creating an entire ecosystem of healthcare services.

Where do we find our place of contribution? It’s the use of information and communication. Simple. At Prolifetech, we know what it takes to build the simplest idea brick by brick to the extent of example. Prolifetech is not just an app or website. It’s a platform where any to every need of health-care has their place organised and stringed together to form the largest network of health-care industry.

We take care of the entire service process through a dedicated team and interface. Unlike others, Service at Prolifetech doesn’t end at the connecting point, rather we focus on the entire service coordination, completion, satisfaction and additional offerings. Where technology takes care of the tangibles at service end, our optimal service orientation keeps them ahead of the others in the fields of reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy.

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