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Online doctor consultation is the next-gen mode to consult with doctors.  Apart from sticking around a long time to get an appointment with a specialized and experienced doctor of your choice.

Today’s life is very fast where everyone has a hectic and fast-paced way of life. We all want everything in a hassle-free way and done at the click of a button. Then why not a consultation with a doctor online?  Online doctor consultation provides patients with a facility for health information exchange without visiting a doctor personally in his/her clinic.

Online doctor consultation services are gaining popularity so fast for many reasons:

Convenience :

Online doctor consultation is the most convenient way for everyone, especially the ones who have limited health insurance or none at all. People who are not able to visit or too sick to visit the doctor also avail the online consultation.

Flexible Timing

A huge benefit of online medical services is that, the adjustable timing which allows patients to consult an online doctor anytime 24×7. As opposed to the traditional medical system where patients have to stick around to get an appointment with a doctor, online facilities usually don’t let their patients wait long.

Fees Comparison

Online medical consultation expenses differ from one website to another. In such a case, people get the chance to evaluate the fees and benefits of different services, which is not possible when consulting a traditional doctor.


Such online services are suitable for those patients who feel uneasy to visit a doctor by certain medical conditions. Such people can express their problems to an online physician incognito.

Fast Services

The time you spend to book an appointment with the doctor can very well be utilized in giving your details to an online medical consultation. While you are confirming the doctor appointment, you are more likely to get a prescription from the website. This, however, goes for easy medical conditions and if you have severe problems, you may have to wait a while for the prescription.


Online doctor consultation is the Best option for those who visit a doctor’s office at regular intervals, resulting in heavy charges for their basic medical care. You can get prescriptions from online medical services, on the other hand, cuts down the charges remarkably.

Prolifetech has introduced online doctor consultation service which is super useful where you can book a doctor appointment online through the website or mobile app.


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