Get Rid of the Problems with Ambulance Services in Kolkata

Ambulance services in kolkata ,In the moment of a medical emergency availability of Ambulance is a big problem still in big cities like kolkata. Even if somehow the ambulance is available the proper equipment, driver with road knowledge, a lots of stuff come in front.


Let’s see what are the problems with the ambulance service in Kolkata is and what is the solution.

Problems with ambulance service in kolkata

  • Scattered Availability: Here most of the ambulances are held by clubs, social organisation  owners apart from hospital and nursing homes. Each has different phone numbers, sometimes personal mobile numbers of a person those which are also scattered.
  • 24 hours availability: All the ambulances are not available 24hrs a day. Most of the time the ambulances have a solo driver and the ambulance sleeps along with the driver after his shift ends.
  • Ambulance with oxygen: All the ambulances are not equipped with oxygen. Sometimes not even with first-aid kit, hilarious but true.
  • No cap on pricing: As much emergency the situation is, the prices goes up. Along with the higher demand than pricing the cost never remains static.
  • No streamline service: If a ambulance car breaks while in transport there doesn’t remain a back up service. Even in a metro city like Kolkata the ambulance service is totally broken and not streamlined.


The solution for ambulance service problem

  • A service which can get us ambulance in a single call or in a single tap of a button.
  • An ambulance service which provide ambulances with basic amenities like oxygen.
  • One pricing for all ambulances
  • 24×7 ambulance service.

Prolife ambulance service does exactly what is needed in kolkata. Prolife has full transparency on pricing, all ambulances are well equipped and available 24×7 and most importantly just a tap away.

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