Ambulance Service

Can I book ambulances on hourly basis?

Is there any On-Board Doctor in Life Support ambulances?

Yes, you can get On-Board Doctors optionally in Life Support Ambulances.

Do I need to contact the driver after booking an ambulance?

After you book an ambulance, our team takes complete responsibility of co-ordination between you and the ambulance. Still if you want to contact the driver directly, you can.

How do I contact the driver after booking an ambulance?

After booking an ambulance you’ll receive driver’s phone number, location and estimated time of arrival. If you book through app, you’ll get all the information live after booking confirmation.

Doctor Consultation

How do I check availability of Doctors?

What are the payment options for Doctor Consultation?

You have to pay nothing to book an appointment. You will pay only after visiting the Doctor.

Can I reschedule an appointment?

Yes you can reschedule a Doctor Appointment any time, 24 hours prior to the actual time of the Appointment.

Do I need to contact the Doctor / Clinic after booking online?

Not at all. Once you have submitted the Appointment Booking Form, all of the rest will be taken care of. All you have to do is to reach the venue on scheduled time.


Can I book services through phone?

Is your service available 24x7?

You can book an Ambulance anytime through Website, App or by Calling us at our Emergency Number- 8444 850 675. The rest of our services like Doctor Appointment or Dialysis Service, can be booked 24x7 through Website and App.

Can I book services for my family members too?

Of-course you can. You can book any service on behalf of any family members.

What are the additional benefits for Signing Up on the Website or Downloading the App?

By signing up or downloading the app, you can create profiles for yourself and all your family members with all personal details, insurance details, medical history, KYC at one place. So that all your information will be pre-filled and readily available while booking any service.


Do I need to print my appointment / service confirmation slips?

How safe is my data with you?

We follow all mandatory the security regulations in the operating jurisdiction and use the most updated security features to keep your data safe and secure. Please go through our Terms of Services for more details.

Why do you need KYC documents for?

We don’t need the KYC documents for ourselves. We forward them to the concerned service providers as and when they require those for your convenience.

Do you provide insurance benefits?

As a service aggregator, we don’t generate service points. That’s why we can’t provide insurance supports universally to all our services. But our team is always ready to help you to provide information on insurance supported service providers.