Stay Cool In Summer | Useful Things To Stay Cool In The Summer

PRO-Tips for summer health

PRO-Tips for summer health  Summer brings with it a abundance of sun shine and its after effects like – dehydration, greasy hair, body tan, skin chafing, heat boils to sweaty patches and most of all having unpleasant body odour…….     ufffff!!!!! A foray outside home starts to become a task, So What Do we Do, STAY HOME? 

oinline doctor consultation

How Can Online Doctor Consultation Save Your Valuable Time and Money

Online doctor consultation is the next-gen mode to consult with doctors.  Apart from sticking around a long time to get an appointment with a specialized and experienced doctor of your choice. Today’s life is very fast where everyone has a hectic and fast-paced way of life. We all want everything in a hassle-free way and

unani treatment

Know everything there is to Know about Unani or Yunani

Book Unani Doctors in Kolkata | Know More about Unani Treatment | Find Your Nearest Doctor Unani doctors in Kolkata or Yunani medicine is a Perso-Arabic traditional medicine which was widely practiced in Mughal India, Muslim culture in South Asia and modern-day central Asia as an alternative medicine. Unani medicine is also known as Unani

air ambulance

Air Ambulance, the next big thing in healthcare

air ambulance service in Kolkata | air ambulance | air ambulance service Get into the depth of Air Ambulance service, its details, and benefits: Air Ambulance service, Where healthcare meets Speed. Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied. Because when it comes to delivering healthcare services, time is the most crucial aspect of the system. Modern-day healthcare


Find Best General Physicians near You with Prolifetech

Find Best General Physicians in Kolkata | General Physicians | Book General Physician Online A general physician is a doctor who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of common health problems or disorders, ranging from cold, cough, and nausea to chronic diseases such as jaundice, cholera, etc. General physicians have to provide detailed information about

Train Ambulance

How Train Ambulance Service Boosted the Reach of Healthcare Services in India?

Everything You Need to Know about Train Ambulance Service, its uses and benefits. Train ambulance, Trains are the most reached, trusted, economical and dependable mode of transport in India, without a doubt. Especially in the long routes, trains can prove to be the most economical replacement of any other mode of transport. At the global

online doctor booking

How Easy it Has Become to Book an Appointment with a Doctor Online

Now it’s Super Easy to Find Best Doctors in Kolkata and Howrah Near You and Book an Appointment Online. Are you looking for the best doctors available near your location? Do you need to consult for a regular health check-up for yourself? Or any family members? Whether be it for yourself, your parents, wife or

When Technology brings Healthcare Closer image

When Technology brings Healthcare Closer, Living Becomes Hassle Free.

Now you can find the best doctors in Kolkata and Howrah and book online doctor appointments without any hassle. [ online doctor appointment, find best doctors in Kolkata, find best doctor near you] India has a population to doctor ratio of 921:1 [source: Times of India] which means there are only 1 doctor for every

24x7 ambulance service

How to Keep the Stress of Medical Emergencies at Bay with Prolifetech’s 24×7 Ambulance Service.

24×7 ambulance service |emergency ambulance service in Kolkata Most of us live our daily lives with a consideration that we will continue with our luck to escape from medical emergencies. But emergencies, as they happen, they don’t call for prior warnings or indications. That’s why they are called medical emergencies. And for medical emergencies, however,

Get Rid of the Problems with Ambulance Services in Kolkata

Get Rid of the Problems with Ambulance Services in Kolkata Ambulance services in kolkata ,In the moment of a medical emergency availability of Ambulance is a big problem still in big cities like kolkata. Even if somehow the ambulance is available the proper equipment, driver with road knowledge, a lots of stuff come in front.   Let’s