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Get into the depth of Air Ambulance service, its details, and benefits:

Air Ambulance service, Where healthcare meets Speed. Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied. Because when it comes to delivering healthcare services, time is the most crucial aspect of the system. Modern-day healthcare has seen too many advancements all across the service sector, both scientifically and economically. But when it comes to service delivery, what we really lack is the streamlined distribution of facilities.

Why do we need Air Ambulance Service?

Due to many reasons, mostly economic in the foreground deprived of their required or desired healthcare services. While technological advancements put us ahead towards a better lifestyle, economical limitations block those facilities to be distributed and enjoyed equally through the geography.

How does Air Ambulance Service Help?

That is where Air Ambulance comes to the greater benefit of service delivery for everyone who requires it. Air Ambulance service enables us to reach the healthcare service excellence point saving both time and effort.

What is an Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulance service is basically a helicopter, commercial passenger plane or a chartered plane equipped with all the necessary portable medical setups like Semi-ICU or ICU set up with a life support system. Air ambulance services mostly cover transport between major airports.

Air Ambulances mostly include required technicians, paramedics and specialized doctors for real-time support.

Who needs an Air Ambulance?     

Ambulance in the air comes into action where specialized or even general healthcare facilities are scarce. Specialized healthcare facilities like in-research or initial phase treatments are barely widespread due to many practical reasons. Therefore at times, it is easier to reach out to the institutes, and air ambulances come to a great help in such scenarios where such medical facilities are geographically at a distance

Why is the Air Ambulance service better?

Statistically, it proves that air travel is the safest mode of transport among all. And undeniably it’s the fastest mode of transport covering the entire globe with its network. In India with more than 130 major operational airports, Air Ambulances can practically reach every corner of its service network.

How to avail Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata?

Like any other growing cities, Kolkata is also equipped with its fair share of advancements. The best way to get an Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata is to get it through Prolifetech. Prolifetech is a healthcare service aggregator, who provides the entire service chain through co-ordination. They also have other services available like 24×7 Ambulance Service and Emergency Ambulance Service in Kolkata and Howrah. It’s pretty easy to book their service too through their website or app.

This relatively new startup is offering online air ambulance booking service in Kolkata with complete bed-to-bed service through their tech-based service ecosystem. They can book you the entire service chain by coordinating different service providers in their respective fields of expertise so that you won’t face any hassle.

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