24x7 ambulance service

Basic Ambulance

With 24×7 Ambulance Service, Prolifetech is always ready to get on the field for any need of ambulances. We are the most equipped point of contact for any requirements of AC ambulances as well as Non AC ambulance services throughout Kolkata and Howrah.

Suitable Budget and Comfort Options.

AC / Non-AC Option.

Superfast Availability

Life Saver Ambulance

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Ambulances, Intensive Critical Care Unit (ICCU) Ambulances, Life Support Ambulances, Trauma Care Ambulances with Expert Technicians and Doctors (optional) can take a decisive step between life and death in case of critical emergencies.

On-Board Doctor Options.

On-Board Critical Amenities.

24×7 Ambulance Service

life saver ambulance
train ambulance

Train Ambulance

Benefit of us being a technology based healthcare service aggregator, our network enables us to provide fluent rail rescue vehicle administrations to take into account the restorative crises in the territories that lack appropriate medicinal facilities.

Highly Skilled Technicians.

On-Board Critical Amenities.

Air Ambulance

With the complete emergency healthcare scenario at our focus, we are the most equipped point of contact for any domestic air ambulance service requirement, with skilled technicians and doctors on board and end-to-end ground support.

Between all major Airports in India.

Complete Bed-to-Bed Service.

air ambulance